Hello today.
It takes man lots of effort, hard and smart work to achieve a feat. I guess that’s why it’s called ACHIEVEMENT. We naturally are prone to considering correlation of effort and input to result; that’s just fine.
However,when it comes to attaining and obtaining all that God has promised, the ‘big-ness’ or magnanimity of the expectations does not invariably require some gigantic FAITH.Truly, some may have faith as a spiritual gift. However, the same level of faith required for trusting God for daily protection, provision, intervention, healing and good health, etc is sufficient on that big project, that unusually big promise,making it through that daunting challenge.
Oh, we know faith is the SUBSTANCE…
Consider faith as a catalyst and God’s word or promises as the equilibrium.God’s word will not change nor fail but our faith generates required reaction for manifestation in our lives in due time.
I woke up one morning wondering if I had the strength or the ‘kind’ of faith to believe, wait patiently, pursue and hold firmly to all that God has for me and said about me. I was quickly reminded that the required faith that will move the mountains is only as tiny as the seed of mustard.That innocent,quiet trusting like a child that sees us through our everyday life.

Prayer: Lord give me faith, help me believe and trust you like to child in all situations. Today,strengthen me and help my un-belief, for this much I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen
Reflections: Mathew 17:20,Mathew 18:2-4, Hebrews 11,Mark 9:24,Proverbs 12

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