A bend or a curve?
Often times we determine and define what we call our experiences. We may be as old as Methuselah, with wealth of experiences, knowledge and exposure that cannot be bought with money ; on the long run,our relevance and impact depends largely on how well we use what we’ve acquired,how well we can translate those things to value that will not only positively transform our lives but others’ as well.
All we have access to and come across in life can either be a lever or a stumbling block. How we see them and what we make of them are our sole responsibility.
There are young Methuselahs and there are old babies.
I’ve come to discover that one of the best ways to maximise any of our ‘privileges’ is to firstly see them for what they really are and see how we can create worth from them, be it crap or cream.
So,tonight…what do you see?
A bend or a curve?
A stumbling block or a lever?
It’s all in the way you see…

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